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Pradeep Mylarappa – Director
Pradeep Mylarappa is the founder-director of Edgemap Softwares. He co-founded Edgemap with the goal to offer advanced technology solutions in GIS and other areas on a quality and cost-competitive platform.

Pradeep Mylarappa is a Civil Engineer with vast techno-marketing experience. His extensive domain experience in GIS and other relevant fields has catapulted Edgemap to a faster-growth path. His leadership gives the company the focus and direction to reach its goals. His corporate governance initiatives steers Edgemap towards effectively meeting the need of the Industry.

Mylarappa’s innovation has made Edgemap reach significant milestones through diversification into mechanical engineering. A reason for success in these and other fields is his ability to pick talent that’s in line with the company’s strategies.
Guru Prasad C – Director

Guru Prasad is the founder-director of Edgemap Softwares. Prasad is a civil engineer with vast GIS experience gained through prime techno-managerial career positions. He blends his technical skills and business acumen to lead Edgemap toward delivering world-class GIS solutions. Prasad’s skills are a valuable company asset.

With over 20 years of solid GIS experience, Guru leads and manages large and complex international GIS projects. His innovation and customer-centric focus drive all the phases of the GIS project management. Whether it is using the advanced features of ESRI suite of software, for example in Arc GIS, Arc Info, or creating complex routines in AutoLISP, Guru’s technical proficiency gives further thrust to GIS projects implementation. His strong people management skills motivate and nurture high performance project teams, which work holistically to achieve project goals on time and budget.

Satish – Mechanical Engineering, Division Head
A visionary mechanical engineer, Satish brings 17 years of successful experience in engineering services in the mechanical engineering domain to Edgemap. His experience base encompasses a multitude of functions. These range from project management to design to techno-commercial duties.

Satish blends his strong entrepreneurial, and people management skills with superior communication abilities to achieve success in mechanical engineering projects and fulfill clients’ objectives.

Mohammed Rafiq, Technical Manager
Mr. Rafiq has extensive 20 years’ experience in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) specializing in core technical areas & project management. He is particularly skilled at GIS analysis and created lot of Data automation programs / applications for smooth flow of the project. He is responsible for quality control and managing the work of consultants, allocating and utilizing teams in an efficient manner and maintaining a co-operative, motivated and successful team .

.Main objectives are project planning, meeting project mile stones, preparing the schedules, organizing resources, Training the team on the project, Performance Evaluation of the team, Project documentation, Trouble shooting Technical issues, looking in to the Quality. He will also involve in Client interaction on projects on daily basis and coordinating requirement panel.

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